ABOUT Galerie Apart

Everything you’re curious to know.

I am Marcella Lassen and I established Galerie Apart in 2017 on the shores of Lake Constance in the Swiss town of Berlingen. I offer a wide and unique selection of handmade vintage figure-objects, glass beaded pictures and picture cards, miniature paintings, artsy furniture, glass beaded flashcards and bookmarkers, decorative items and gifts.

There are special creations and items presented during the Christmas and Easter holiday season which have been specifically made for these yearly events. Each piece is unique and exclusive. Simultaneously there is a constant replenishment of new pieces throughout the year so that it is always worthwhile to stop by and look in.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California as the child of European parents, I studied Fine Arts and Art History at the University of Southern California, with extended studies at the University of Vienna and the University of Applied and Contemporary Art in Vienna. My focus was on painting and I began exhibiting in Germany in 1987 after moving to Europe permanently in the late 1970s. I intensified my painting studies by completing a seven year diploma course in monumental painting at the Flemish art academy in Brussels. Extensive group and solo exhibition activity followed throughout Europe, including Spain, France, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland, and more recently in New York and at Art Basel Miami Beach. A comprehensive look is available at marcellalassen.com. But there are many other creative areas outside of painting in which I’ve been immersed, which is the reason Galerie Apart came into being.

And it is delightful to visit the gallery which is situated in a captivating historical house dating back 200 years and surrounded by a tiny baroque-styled garden. The town of Berlingen, the birthplace of the famous 20th century Swiss painter, Adolf Dietrich, is equally fascinating, beautifully situated as it is on the lakeshore of picturesque Lake Constance. However if you cannot come to the gallery, you can still shop in my gallery on ETSY and hopefully you will enjoy browsing there almost as much as if you were in Galerie Apart itself.

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