The unique gift.

These hanging eye catchers which have been created with high-quality contemporary and antique glass beads from all over the world come in a wide array of subject matter. There are a variety of fish indigenous to Lake Constance, clouds and plants, fruits and cars, birds, caricatures and much more. They can be hung in a window, on a door, under a lamp, over a table, or from a bookshelf; the possibilities are sheer endless in number. The sizes range from between 8 and 15 centimeters, or 3 to 6.5 inches. The many colors of the glass beads reflect the light and sparkle in unusual ways and thus they literally catch the eye wherever they hang. Delightful in any setting, they are equally stunning as a special gift.

All of the artworks that are shown on the website are first and foremost examples for each specific category. The actual works and objects available for sale can be found in our GalerieApart Shop at ETSY.

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In Love with Details on both sides

The Eye Catchers feature different beadwork on the front and back. While the beading on the front is very intricate and detailed, the back shows more of a thematic and color-scheme alignment to the subject matter.