A stunning selection.


These lovely bookmarkers primarily made with contemporary and antique glass beads from the Czech Republic, China and Japan provide a visually welcoming greeting every time you open your book to continue reading. They are also perceptibly engaging in your hand with the pleasing surface of the worked glass beads. Each individual Bookmarker was created with a specific author in mind and is named accordingly. They provide a captivating supplement to the gift of a book.


We know them from school days to help us learn a new language. Here they are in English, Chinese and Japanese script. As little beaded pictures they are very alluring in sets of two or three, ideally placed within a small showcase frame. A thoughtful gift for someone learning one of these languages, but also for those appreciative of the minimalist aesthetic.

Beaded Picture Cards

These picture cards have been designed and created with a wide variety of glass beads from all over the world. They are conceived as works of art that can be framed with or without glass in a showcase frame. Alternatively they can be set on a console or mantelpiece and within a spotlight to reflect the glittering glass of the beads to create a stunning effect. These picture cards range in size from 12.5 by 28 cm (about 6 by 11 inches) to 18 x 30 cm (about 8 by 12 inches). They are truly unique and not to be found anywhere else.

Decorative Orbs

These beautiful orbs have been created exclusively with black and white beads, decorated in the style of traditional Japanese crest motifs. They can be placed on any flat surface without rolling of their own accord, thus well-suited to display on a coffee table, console or mantelpiece. For those who especially appreciate the enchanting oriental aesthetic. 


The classic motif of the decorated egg finds new interpretations, featuring beaded pattern work created with both contemporary and antique glass beads from the Czech Republic. These eggs are so appealing that you will want them on display year round. There are both eggs with ribbon hangers as well as those without, so that you can choose to enhance a doorknob or cupboard handgrip, or lay them in a nest or bowl beneath a painting with corresponding colors. Each egg has been designed and named after a specific chicken breed, so depending on your preferences, that might also determine your selection.

Christmas Ornaments

These ornaments are designer items in the true sense of the word: each one has been individually conceived and created and is therefore unique. They showcase a wide variety of beads and techniques and have already become collectors’ items. The sizes range from 5 to 10 centimeters (2 to 4 inches) in diameter.

All of the artworks that are shown on the website are first and foremost examples for each specific category. The actual works and objects available for sale can be found in our GalerieApart Shop at ETSY.

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