What you can discover at Galerie Apart.

Eye Catchers

These hanging ornaments which are created with high-quality contemporary and antique glass beads from around the world come in a wide array of subject matter. Each individual piece makes for a unique gift.


Vintage Figure-Objects

These one-of-a-kind pieces are created from porcelain doll’s heads, vintage tins, and unique items gathered from flea markets in Brussels, garage sales in California and trips to unusual places around the world.



Here you can find a large selection of unusual items that are especially suitable as gifts – Beaded Bookmarkers, Beaded Flashcards, Christmas Ornaments, Beaded Eggs, Beaded Picture Cards, Decorative Ornaments, and more!


Distinctive Bits and Bobs

Little playful pieces which are designed just for fun can be found here at small prices. Though small, they remain unique and unusual – and perfect for that little something for someone special.


Artsy Furniture

This line first and foremost includes benches that have been designed with the out-of-the-ordinary in mind. They are built in solid wood by a professional carpenter and are hand painted and decorated.


Miniature Painting

These paintings are miniatures which have been individually composed. They are in the same style as my larger paintings which can be seen at


All of the artworks that are shown on the website are first and foremost examples for each specific category. The actual works and objects available for sale can be found in our GalerieApart Shop at ETSY.

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In Love with Details on both sides

The Eye Catchers feature different beadwork on the front and back. While the beading on the front is very intricate and detailed, the back shows more of a thematic and color-scheme alignment to the subject matter.